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Government Liability
Attorney in Washington

Julie A. Kays has fought tirelessly on behalf of individuals in Washington who have been harmed or injured by governmental negligence.

As an experienced government liability attorney, Julie works with victims who have suffered because of the failures of government agencies like Child Protective Services, School Districts, and the Department of Corrections.

Julie has fought for justice on behalf of countless victims of government negligence. She has held the Department of Corrections accountable for failing to supervise high risk offenders who victimized innocent people while on supervision.

Julie has advocated for victims of child sexual abuse while helping them seek justice from our State’s foster care system who failed to protect them or a School District that failed to protect its students from sexual abuse by a classmate, a teacher or coach.

If you believe you have been the victim of government negligence of any kind, contact Attorney Julie A. Kays today.

Suing the
for Negligence

Julie A. Kays has taken on the State of Washington for failing to protect the most vulnerable in our society—our children in foster care. She has also taken on high profile cases against school districts who have failed to protect children from sexual predators.

Julie is not afraid to take on powerful government leaders and expose acts of wrongdoing that have negatively impacted her clients, whether they are children or adults.



CPS Failed to Protect Six Young Children

V.C. et al v. State of Washington. This lawsuit involved the highly preventable torture and abuse of six young children where Washington State’s Child Protective Services repeatedly failed to investigate reports of physical abuse in the home. These failures resulted in the horrific physical abuse, torture, and neglect of six children.


Young Girl Sexually Assaulted in a Snohomish County Park

K.C. et al v. Snohomish County. In the absence of protective measures, the 15-year-old girl was given alcohol and drugs by an older male predator who then sexually assaulted her in a Snohomish County park during a public event.


Woman Attacked by Former Inmate Under DOC Supervision

J.G. v. State of Washington, a lawsuit filed against the Washington State’s Department of Corrections for failing to supervise and control a repeat domestic violence offender who brutally attacked and beat his partner while on DOC supervision.

Closer Look Into A Real Government Liability Case

In J.G. v. Department of Corrections, J.G. was violently assaulted by a repeat domestic violence offender. Her injuries were life altering. J.G. had talked to other lawyers who told her she did not have a case. Then, she found attorney Julie A. Kays.

Julie’s knowledge and experience as a former Senior prosecuting attorney, allowed her to immediately recognize that probation workers failed to appropriately supervise and monitor the offender who brutally attacked J.G.

The violence perpetrated against J.G. could and should have been prevented; Julie exposed numerous errors by probation workers by using her understanding of the probation system. DOC settled on the eve of trial for $1.1 million. J.G. is a courageous survivor of domestic violence and Julie was honored to fight for justice on her behalf.

More Examples of Government Liability Cases

Wrongful death at the
hands of a negligent
government employee

Abuse of a child
or sibling group
in foster care

Harassment or abuse
at a public school

Injuries from
dangerous conditions
of public property

Injuries from the use of
excessive force by police
or law enforcement

Negligent drivers
or operators (public

If you are seeking legal representation that can deftly handle the unique challenges and difficult circumstances that are common in government liability cases, contact attorney Julie A. Kays today.

Areas of

Ask A Government Liability Attorney

We often hear of government agencies engaging in negligence. Some common examples are Child Protective Services failing to investigate a claim of child abuse, and an innocent child needlessly suffers; a school district failing to protect a student from a predator student or teacher; the Department of Corrections failing to supervise an offender who then senselessly injures someone.

These are just a few of many examples of government liability cases. Julie has worked with many clients in holding the government accountable and seeking justice for her injured clients.

No matter how big the obstacle you are facing, don’t underestimate the power of a dedicated government liability attorney on your side. Contact Julie A. Kays today.

With any case, there are limitations to the amount of time you have to file a legal claim. It’s very fact-specific depending on what happened to you. It’s important to consult with an attorney promptly to preserve your rights.

Government liability cases involving child sexual abuse are especially complex and often have different time limitations than other cases. If you are unsure whether or not you have a case, the best thing you can do is talk with an experienced attorney. We are here to help.

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